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E-Regardless of a mission

What is our mission?

Our vision is to set a high standard for development in the African Market. We aim to enable individuals and companies alike to innovate through skilled research and development in the application, software and hardware services that we offer. We seek to create products and services that are simple and user friendly in design. The ultimate goal is to be an African leader and global competitor in Information Technology products and services by year 2026 through global collaborations and local ownership. The company is set to be a leading black industrialist firm.

E-Regardless of a Vision

What is our vision?

We aim to materialise our vision through internal research and development of products and services that require either modular or radical innovation. We look to use our technology to help formalise the informal sector through easy to use devices and software.

We will do this through training young minds with potential within the company and empowering them to continuously generate solutions to everyday problems. We will source this potential as early as High School and University years. The initial mandate is therefore; to enable extensive collaborations amongst young Africans and create the solutions that allow extensive technology trading within the African borders that will open a market to create companies that are global competitors in their markets.

Through our services we will be able to allow individuals, with or without technology expertise, to not only bring their ideas to life but enable them to see the return on investments through solid business and monetisation models. This will be done in the form of consulting, developing, integrating, digital marketing, deployment, and UI or FX design. Each of these business components will be approached with profitability, quality, longevity, innovation as well the client's comprehensive needs in mind.